Invitation For Podcast Interview

Target Audience, Length, & Format:

The goal of the “HRW Financial” podcasts is to offer a platform where you can share your experiences in a way that will be valuable to our visitors, (not to mention the additional exposure you will get).

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Listen to “The Myths and Realties of Entrepreneurship Jennifer Rusz- Episode #: 01199” on Spreaker.

Our target length for the interview is 20 – 30 minutes. We’re trying to pack as much value as possible into a time frame that fits the hectic schedule of business owners and professionals.

Example Topics & Questions: Our audience is interested in your profession and what makes you tick. Podcasting is a very intimate medium.  You’re really putting yourself out there to the world.  It’s easy for anyone to stick to a script and cobble together a program.  But going off-script and showing your true self — your opinions, your insecurities, your emotions — is what people will really connect with.  Having the balls to say that thing that you might not even tell your closest friends, but blurting it out on the internet airwaves… That’s the secret sauce.

Here’s some sample questions we might cover: *Tell me about you, your beliefs, your and your history. * What do you wish you had known when you started out? * Tell me about a time you screwed up * Things you loved to do and things you hate to do.

Note: We’ll pick, choose, and tailor these and other questions to fit your experience and story. We’ll also ask follow-up questions, so don’t worry about answering questions in exhaustive detail on the first attempt.

I’d love to have you participate. Please visit my scheduling site and pick a day and time that’s convenient for us to have an interview (about 45 minutes).

Please Book Me A Date

I’ll also need you to send me a short *BIO of about 70-100 words


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