Invitation For Podcast Interview

Target Audience, Length, & Format:

The goal of the “HRW Financial” podcasts is to offer a platform where you can share your experiences in a way that will be valuable to our visitors, (not to mention the additional exposure you will get).

Listen to “OurTownLive” on Spreaker.

Our target length for the interview is 20 – 30 minutes. We’re trying to pack as much value as possible into a time frame that fits the hectic schedule of business owners and professionals.

Example Topics & Questions: Our audience is interested in what makes you and/or your job tick. The topics and questions will come from what I know about you, what I’ve learned about you and the short *Bio you send me.

Here’s some sample questions we might cover: *Tell me about you, your beliefs, your and your history. * What do you wish you had known when you started out? * Tell me about a time you screwed up * Things you loved to do and things you hate to do.

Note: We’ll pick, choose, and tailor these and other questions to fit your experience and story. We’ll also ask follow-up questions, so don’t worry about answering questions in exhaustive detail on the first attempt.

I’d love to have you participate. Please visit my scheduling site and pick a day and time that’s convenient for us to have an interview (about 45 minutes).

Please Book Me A Date

I’ll also need you to send me a short *BIO of about 70-100 words


Herb Williams