Debrief Your Last Sales Call and See Why You Didn’t Close The Case.

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1. Did you ask what is the biggest concern/priority right now?

2. Did you discuss the ramifications this pressing current concern (pain point) might have on the business/family's situation if not relieved?

3. Were you talking to the "Check-Writer"? CEO? Head of the house?

4. Did you find out if there is anyone or anything else that might be involved in making the decision to "Go-ahead"?

5.  Did you set up another strategy meeting with “The Check Writer”to explain how to implement and use your (products/services) for your maximum benefit.

6. When in doubt, did you ask, "Why"?

7. At the end of your meeting did you ask them to give you a firm answer for either another meeting or a sale?

Business Type:

What is the perceived pain? What will you advise them to do?

Who are your competitors in this  case and how strong are they?

Does the prospect have adequate resources to address the challenges? Where will the money come from?

Explain their decision making and buying process.

Your new question

Are you confident you can provide an excellent solution? What will the solution be?

Have you met the right people and if not what is your plan for getting to them?

Following are typical objections. Check ALL that you had problems with.