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This 1 Minute Video Might Save You Up to 40% On The Cost Of Your Life Insurance!

A recent study has found that in 75% of cases, the people insured have been able to reduce their premium outlay by an average of 40%, or increased their coverage by an average of 40% for the same outlay. These changes occur because insurance policies have evolved over time. Mortality rates have improved, people are living longer, and since insurance companies are going to pay claims later, newer policies will be cheaper than older policies even though the people insured are older.

Why Use A Life Insurance Policy For Wealth Transfer?

There are many reasons, but the most but the two most common are COST and TAX AVOIDANCE. With life insurance, you are paying pennies on the dollar. When you consider that a healthy 60 year old can create a $100,000 death benefit with a one-time deposit of around $25,000, the cost becomes very attractive.

And of course, life insurance proceeds are Income-tax Free to beneficiaries. Additionally, these policies can be structured to avoid federal estate and state inheritance taxes. There are very few asset classes that can make this same claim. That’s why life insurance policies are used so often in estate planning.

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