Have You Looked Into Offering #TeleMedicine?

What You Need to Know About TeleMedicine

Experts predict that by 2025 the United States will see a doctor shortage of 90,000, so it is likely this will be an increasingly felt problem.

Advantages for Employers

  • Improves access to healthcare for employees in remote locations
  • Reduces employer costs related to employee doctor’s office and ER visits
  • Instant access to doctors cuts down on missed work time related to minor health issues
  • Helps prevent minor employee health issues from becoming costly conditions
  • Safeguards employers against the “Cadillac Tax” related to high health plan premiums

Advantages for Brokers

  • The offering adds a new revenue stream as they receive commission for every employer that signs up with the program. 40% of every monthly premium

Monthly Employee Cost                      Commission

# of Employees 5-200 $10 monthly
# of Employees 201-500 $9 monthly
# of Employees 501-700 $8 monthly


  • In addition, the value-added benefit keeps employer clients satisfied and differentiates brokers who are up to date on current trends.
  • Selling telehealth as an employer-paid offering can be a good way to balance reductions in benefits in recent years and unnecessary claim costs.